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C-Law software is designed by a Solicitor for a single cashier user to input a legal firms accounts data so as to comply with accounting rules with the minimum of fuss or difficulty. It has stood the test of time having started back in 1985!

It runs under modern versions of Microsoft Windows. There is currently no version for the Macintosh or for Linux.  It is regularly updated and any updates can readily be downloaded by users with a licence.

Although designed for a single cashier to input accounting data the software can be configured to have multiple inspection terminals, if so desired, on networked computers for fee earners and others to be able to inspect and print client ledger information for themselves without bothering the cashier.  They can also configure their own ledger displays so that they can for example select a display with a simple single column - ideal for compiling completion statements.

It is available with or without time recording. 

If it is desired to be used for time recording we can optionally provide C-Law Executive software which is designed for fee earners to use on their desks to view data. This has multiple work timers that start and stop automatically to allow time spent on matters by the fee earner to be accurately assessed and simply and easily recorded. This ensures that time information is always up to date and avoids the main cashier from having to spend time on this task.

It optionally permits (if so desired) for fee earners or their assistants to create new matters themselves within the data.

What does it cost?

C-Law software is copyright and is not sold, but is supplied for use under licence.  Details of licence payment arrangements for 2011 are set out below.

Basic one off unlimited licences

The basic licence fee for permanent use (accounting only) starts at £850.00 plus VAT.  

A time recording licence adds a further £525.00 plus VAT.  There is also a supplement payable of £125.00 according to the number of fee earners in the firm above one.  

NB:  The basic software can by prior agreement with us be installed and tried for six weeks in genuine and suitable legal offices (at our absolute discretion) without any payment being due. Thereafter it will only continue to function for new entries or matters once payment has been made and a special code has been entered to free up the software licence.

Spreading the cost

Payment of the licence fee can if desired be by an initial payment of £395.00 plus VAT and the balance of the fee spread over a period of two years payable by equal instalments six monthly in arrears. In the event of this licence option being taken up a six monthly admin charge of £20.00 plus VAT is added. As each payment is made a code will be issued to be entered to free up the software for the next period (or finally for ever!). If the correct code is not entered the software cannot be used thereafter for making entries or opening new matters but can still be used freely to inspect data already entered.

Special licence for low volume users

The licence can also be supplied in a special 'limited new matter slot' version designed for firms starting up or for sole practitioners where the volume of new matters being created is minimal.  Payment is made of £395.00 (plus VAT) for a licence limited to 20 new matter slots. New matters slots (if required) can thereafter be purchased in blocks of ten (or multiples of ten) at a cost of £5.00 per each slot (plus VAT).  Once the amount paid for slots exceeds the cost of a one off licence (as above) (plus an admin sum of £40.00 p.a. since initial installation) the software licence can be freed up for unlimited new matters. But low volume users may be quite happy just to buy more slots as needed. This method of licencing means that low volume practitioners (or firms starting up) can benefit from using C-law software without the overhead of making a full licence payment up front.


We encourage all users to take out a support contract which for an annual payment covers them for a certain amount of phone or email support on software issues and entitles them to free updates as and when available. Or we will happily provide support on demand at cost on a timed basis and users can purchase updates if so required when available .

Installation and/or training

We are always happy to attend a firm's offices to install C-Law and set it up and provide initial training. We usually make a charge of £520.00 plus VAT for attending from 10.30 am to 5.00 pm. Plus a supplement of £75.00 to cover time and travelling etc where a firm is more than 125 miles distant from Bristol. This fee is payable in advance.

C-Law is so intuitive and easy that we are very rarely asked to give any additional training.

Demo at your premises

If a demonstration is required on your site we are usually happy to attend to provide this on payment in advance of our actual travel costs. 

More details of software

If you would like to know more you might wish to look at the on screen manual using the link below which will give you screen shots and tell you a whole lot more than we have been able to set out above.


Information for existing users about our C-Law 2010 upgrade
C-Law 2005 software manual (includes many screen shots). The 2010 manual will be available here shortly.
C-Law Inspector 2010 software
C-Law Inspector 2010 manual
C-Law Executive 2010 software (details will be posted shortly)

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