C-Law 2011 - tips for using on widescreen displays              





As screen sizes on computers become larger it is increasingly desirable not to use the standard screens in C-law but to set up C-Law to display them as a window rather than in full screen mode. 


A cautionary note however is to consider if C-Law is used on  more than one computer.  If so the changes might be inappropriate for some screens. If so there is a setup screen that allows you to apply screen changes on a 'local' rather than a 'global' basis. Cashier menu item 'Settings' and 'Keep Local Screen settings.'


The most important change is to move to windowed rather than full screen displays.  The main screen can be windowed but until after the August 2011 upgrade this could be a slightly tricky process because at first sight the result can appear a ghastly muddle, or the window moves upwards or worse still becomes inaccessible to start with.


As from August 2011 it should be as simple as clicking the window button at top right (the middle of the three windows buttons).  When the windowed screen appears you can drag the edges. Note that as you drag the window the positions of some of the screen controls are automatically adjusted. This is by design and is intended.


It is has always been possible (but not needed) to move controls to your own positions in either full screen or windowed modes. Because of the complexity involved the main screen change will be described in more detail below.  But as from after the August 2011 update this is no longer needed and as long as you have a ‘big’ screen it should be as simple as clicking the window button at top right of the screen.


The nominal ledger display and entry screen has a menu item 'options' and on this is an item 'full screen'. Un-tick this item. The result may at first glance look like a tiny postage stamp. But put the mouse pointer on the bottom screen edge until an arrow appears and hold down the left mouse button and move the mouse to 'drag' the window bigger. Do this on all window edges as required. Put the mouse on the top title bar and drag this to move the whole window to a different place on the screen.


The same technique can be used on client ledger display screens. However on these there is no option setting for full screen. On these you need to use the screen size 'buttons' at top right. The middle button is the key. Click this to 'toggle' between full screen and windowed mode. In windowed mode you can drag the edges to enlarge, or drag the title bar to move the whole window.


This applies to nearly all display screens in C-law.


One important setting on display screens is the font size. Click the 'character' menu item and 'font size' and adjust to a font size which suits your eyesight and screen size.


Whilst on this - what about 'background colour'?  Nowadays with high definition screens a white background is often preferable. Click 'colours' and then 'background colour'. 


Please note that if you change font size or colour the setting you make is temporary until after you go to the file menu and click 'save settings'.


The nominal selection window can be enlarged or moved to a more suitable position by 'dragging'.


The reconciliation window can be similarly enlarged or moved by dragging.


The main screen window:


This can be toggled between windowed or full screen in the same way. But there is more to do on this one. The first issue is that unless you have installed the August 2011 update the window may move upwards so you cannot get at the buttons at the top. Don't panic!  Put the mouse pointer on a side of the window and drag it bigger. The window should relocate itself within your screen slightly so that the top title bar (or a sliver of it)  can be accessed with the mouse for you to move it down to a more suitable place. Carry on dragging until the main screen is a suitable size.  Don't worry for the moment that some screen boxes or controls overlay others or are in the wrong place.


Now the important bit. Moving the screen boxes and controls to appear in suitable places.


Go to the File Menu and select Appearance Options and then Move main screen controls.


Click on TAILOR in the dialogue that appears. You can now 'drag' the screen controls around. You must use the window edge nearest the direction you wish to drag and then move the little window that houses the control box to where you think most suitable. 


When finished go back to the file menu and click 'save current settings'


Now you can toggle the main screen between full screen or windowed and the control positions you have defined should be applied.


You will now be able to enjoy using C-Law in a rather more appropriate format on your big screen. Having windowed modes means it is easier to see what is underneath. Some windows are dependent within C-Law so you cannot dodge between these C-Law windows. But you can dodge to other Windows applications. Or minimise C-Law windows. If you do this be careful not to 'lose' them.




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