Putting a C-Law software icon on your Windows desktop

 By default the installation program does not attempt to put at an icon on the desktop.

You will have an item in the program menu listing "C-Law 2000" which will contain at least two sub items - "C-Law 2000" and "Upgrade software".

C-Law 2000 menu

Note that the menu may refer to C-Law 2000 - this was the original version of C-Law 2000 series and if you see C-Law 2000 on your menu it does not mean you have the older version. The title screen on starting C-Law tells you the current software you are using. The remainder of the this page refers to C-Law 2000 as this is probably what you will see when setting up menus and shortcuts.

Creating a screen icon for C-Law using Windows XP

Right click on the C-Law 2000 item in your program menu and select "create shortcut".  This should give you an icon on your desktop (which you can "drag" to wherever you wish if you have not set the desktop to automatically position icons as is usually the default)

Creating a screen icon for C-Law using Windows 95 - 98 - Millenium - 2000

To put a shortcut icon on the desktop for these older versions of Windows you need to manually create and copy a shortcut to C-Law 2000 to the screen.

To do this click the RIGHT HAND mouse button on the start button at the bottom left of the screen.

Select EXPLORE and click the left hand button on this.

An "Explorer" window will appear. Look in the right hand pane and find "Programs" and double click on it. Then find "C-Law 2000" and double click on it.

You will then see a window similar to that shown below



Click the RIGHT HAND mouse button on C-Law 2000 in the right hand pane. You should have a drop down menu similar to that shown above. Select COPY with the mouse and click the LEFT mouse button on this item.

Then click the "X" at the top right hand corner of the Explorer Window. It should disappear.

Make sure you can see your screen desktop with the various Icons and then put the mouse pointer somewhere on a blank place and click the RIGHT hand mouse button. A drop down menu item will appear. Select PASTE and left click on it. The C-Law 2000 icon should then appear on your desktop


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