Updating C-Law Licence / Firm Name


If a user has a limited licence then the C-Law licence will need updating from time to time. 

In the past this needed to be done by receiving a computer file and manually copying it into the C-Law data folder.

The update can now be done more easily. As from the 2010 versions of C-Law the cashier menu contains an Upgrade Licence option that allows a code string to be generated. This code is sent by Email or letter or telephone to C-Law Solicitors Systems and a return code can then be generated from this by C-Law Solicitors Systems for return to the user with their updated licence details. This can be sent back to the user by  Email or letter or telephone.

The return code is input by the C-Law user and if satisfactory the licence will be updated.

The user can at the same time change their embedded firm name if they wish.

How to update the licence / firm name

Go to the Cashier menu. Choose the Backup Restore Upgrade Licence Option and under this choose Upgrade Licence.

A screen appears similar to this one.


Click the PRODUCE CODE button.  The line underneath will then  be filled with a code consisting of groups of three letters separated with a hyphen.

The code may contain upper and lower case characters. Note the differences carefully!

The code needs to be copied to C-Law Systems. When it appears in the window a copy button will also appear which if clicked will copy the code string to the Windows clipboard for pasting into a letter or Email. Otherwise you need to copy the code very carefully by hand paying particular attention to lower and upper case.

Send the code by letter or Email (or relate it by telephone if urgent) to C-Law Systems. They can use your code to produce a return code for you to enter and will send this to you (or tell you by telephone if urgent).

The return code will consist of a total of 15 characters in five groups of three and you will need to type these into the Update Code fields paying careful attention to differentiating between upper and lower case.

If you wish to change the embedded firm name in the software the firm name line can now be edited.  This is a once only change in the sense that once you have clicked the update button you cannot change the name again. If you want to do this you will need to produce a new code and send the code to C-Law Systems and get a new update code back from C-Law Systems. 

When you click the UPDATE button the update code you entered is checked and if it appears satisfactory your C-Law licence will be updated for you and the firm name appearing in the firm name field will be embedded within your licence.


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