Internet Messaging and Software Updating

NB: This is really only applicable to those who use C-Law on a computer which is connected to the internet

IMPORTANT :  If you access the internet from this computer via a software firewall you may find that when you try to use C-Law software the access may fail and your firewall  may ask you if it is safe for C-Law software to access the internet. This could also apply the first time that you try to use the update utility to check for an update or to download an update. C-Law will probably report that it could not access the internet on this occasion but as long as you tell your firewall that it is safe to allow access you should find that the update and messaging features in C-Law work thereafter without a problem. Please see below as to security.

Outline and privacy and security

C-Law has the ability to access C-Law's website via the internet to check for new updates and also to see if there is a general informative user message posted there for users.  C-law users can also download an image of the C-Law update CD and run the image directly -just as though it was a CD - to install new C-Law updates if and when available. There are separate instructions below about this.

There is a special section on C-Law's website not accessible from a web browser that holds the files necessary to provide this service. 

Please note that no information from your computer is sent to the website nor is any information held by C-Law of accesses to its website.  Unlike many commercial concerns C-Law Systems do not attempt to keep such information. C-Law Systems believes that your privacy must be respected. 

C-Law takes sensible and reasonable anti virus precautions regarding the files posted on its website. However because they travel over as public network it cannot guarantee that the files received by you are free from viruses. Nevertheless to give you peace of mind and to try to ensure that you are protected the C-Law files posted on our website for you to access from our software are encoded password protected files and are not downloadable as executable computer files or images. After download the files are not run. They are decoded into usable computer files by the C-law software on your computer and only then will they run or become capable of infection. So it is pretty unlikely that they can become infected in transit so as to be capable of causing your computer any harm. C-Law Systems however cannot guarantee this 100% and therefore advises that you take normal precautions by installing and running a general virus checker. Having taken all these precautions to protect you C-Law Systems cannot be held responsible for any problem caused by any external influences outside our reasonable control.

Information Messages

C-Law has the ability whenever it is started up to check for and display an informative message in the title screen after you have clicked on the OK button. This is intended as an aid to keeping you advised of any important updates or bug fixes or issues that you might need to know about your C-Law software. It is not intended that you will frequently be bothered with messages. After the message has appeared it will not appear again unless and until a new message is posted on the C-Law website. 

The message checking feature can be disabled from the Internet Settings screen available from the Cashier menu under Settings (see below)

Update information 

C-Law has the ability to check for new C-Law software updates whenever it starts up and to advise you of their availability.  You can then choose to exit from C-Law to download and update your computer immediately, or you can ask to be reminded again to do this later. 

This option can be disabled in the Internet Settings screen available from the Cashier menu under Settings.

There is also an option on either the file menu or the Cashier menu (under Management) to check for updates over the internet manually. If an update is available the software allows you to download and display on screen a page telling you what the update does and why it has been issued.

Internet Settings screen 

This screen is available from the C-Law Cashier Menu under Settings.

                                                        internet settings

The screen that appears allows you to customise how your computer uses the internet when C-Law is running.

Never try to connect 

The first checkbox allows you to completely disable all automatic internet accesses for C-Law purposes. This does not prevent you from checking manually for new updates from the option on the Cashier Management menu. But it will stop the computer from accessing C-law's website over the internet on first start up. 

You will doubtless wish to check this box if your C-law computer does not have internet access!

If you check this box the remaining boxes do not need to be considered or changed.

Allow check for new information messages

This allows you to disable the checking and displaying of information messages in the title screen at startup if you so wish. It is advised that you don't do this as the purpose of the messaging feature is not to plague you with frequent "plugs" or adverts but to be able to send you useful information regarding the software or its use when it is appropriate and necessary.

The second option allows you to disable the ban on repeat of information messages once they have been displayed.

Allow checking for new updates

This allows you to disable the check over the internet at startup for possible new updates to C-Law software. It also allows you to be reminded if you choose not to update your software.
If a  reminder 'delay' is active this will be over-ridden should a new update become available - you will then be informed of this at startup.

Click OK to apply the settings you have chosen.

Manual Checking for Updates

If you disable automatic checking at startup you can still carry out a manual check yourself to see if the website is reporting a new update. Go to either the File Menu where you choose  "Update program" or go to the Cashier Menu and choose Management and choose "Software Update Availability"

You will see a dialogue as below

                        update check dialogue

Click the CHECK button and the software will attempt to connect to the C-Law website over the internet and download information about the date of the available update.

If at this stage you have a  Firewall which blocks the attempted connection you will probably get a message that the access has been blocked and need to tell your firewall (either yourself or via your IT administrator) that it is safe for the C-Law software to connect to the internet. Then retry - you may need to close down and go into the update check again for this to suceeed. On most firewalls you will not get this happen again as long as you tell the firewall that you are happy for the C-Law software to make internet connections in future.

Assuming you can connect the date of the update stored on the internet will be compared with information from your own computer and a message will be shown to you to confirm whether there is a new update available.

If there is a new update you can click INFO to see the C-Law report screen with details of the available update.

You can if you wish request that the update is done. It will then be queued and you will be taken to the update screen when you next close down the C-Law software.

The C-Law Update CD can now be downloaded

C-Law has for some years distributed a CD containing updates to the software for users to run. This has the benefit of running outside C-Law (when it is not running) so it can update all the C-law components. You can still obtain an update CD from C-Law for you to put in your CD drive.

However from January 2009 you are able to download all the files for the Update CD using C-Law's update software which will be installed in your C-Law 2000 Program Files folder and will thus be accessible from your Windows All Programs.

Once you have downloaded the files for the CD you can do one of three things.  You can run the CD files directly as though you had inserted the CD without having to burn them to a CD. Or you can copy them to a CD. Or you can copy them elsewhere eg: to a USB drive. You can in the latter case find the files and click on the file "ClawUpdate" to run the update on another computer if your C-Law software is installed on another computer..

If you use the internet to update your C-Law software there are TWO stages:
If you go through the first stage the second stage will be prompted and called automatically for you to make things as easy as possible.

The need for this two stage process is so that the first stage can (if needed) provide an updated second stage and then the second stage can (if needed) update the first!

Please note that you do NOT use Internet Explorer to access or download anything from the C-Law website. It is all done automatically for you by the C-Law software!!

Password Protection

Important. The download of the C-Law software update can only started with the aid of a password.

This will occasionally be changed and will be supplied to you when you have paid for software support. If you have not paid for support or have lost your password please contact C-Law on 01548 857775 or Email to

As a security aid to protect you the downloaded zip file that makes up the update CD is split into a number of separate downloadable files which are re-assembled in the correct order by the C-Law software using info from your password and the resulting single encoded zip file is then unzipped using your password into a folder on your computer which will be created (if it does not exist) as C:\C_LAW\UPDATER.

(You can when running the download software specify a different folder if you so wish.)

How to download the Update CD.   The first stage - download the update CD

Ways of invoking the software to do this.

You must NOT be running C-Law software when you come to actually do the update itself.

You should see a screen roughly as below:-

                                  intial screen

(If you have called the software from within C-Law then the wording will be slightly different as it will know if you can make an internet connection)

The date shown will of course be the date of your software which will not necessarily be what is shown above!

You then need to click "Check availability" to see if there is an available update (even if this has been done within C-Law you still need to do this)

If at this stage your Firewall blocks the attempted connection you will need to tell your firewall that it is safe and then retry - you may need to close down and restart the update for this to suceeed. On most firewalls you will not thereafter need to tell it again as long as you tell the firewall that you are happy for C-Law software to always make internet connections.

Assuming a connection can be made you should see a screen similar to this one:-

                                    availability screen

IF the screen has a red cross and tells you that no connection could be nade then you cannot proceed.

If the date of the available download on the internet is the same, or prior to, your installed C-Law software date then the screen will be different and will tell you that your software is up to date - and you will not see the "download now" button.

If the screen reports that there is an update available then click the button labelled "Download now"

You should then see a screen as below:-

                                      password entry

You need to type your current C-Law support password in the blank text field and click OK. If you don't have one then contact C-Law Systems (as in the screen picture text)

If your password is valid and accepted then you will be able to proceed to do the download and you should see a progress bar recording the download as it proceeds.

                                         download progress

On a normal broadband connection it shold not take more than a minute to complete.

Once the download has completed the progress bar will disappear. The next stage is for the software to unzip the protected file containing the update CD files.

The downloaded and unzipped CD files need to be stored somewhere. If you have downloaded an update before they will be placed in the same folder as chosen on the last occasion. If this is the first download you have done of a C-Law update you will see the following message:-

             choose folder dialogue

It is suggested that you click YES.     If you click NO then you will be allowed to browse to select (or create) a place where you want to store the files.

(This is the folder where the copy of the Update CD will be created for you and where the CD files will stay until next updated.)

Once the folder has been chosen you will then see another progress bar showing the progress of the unzipping of the update CD files. This is very similar to the one shown above so is not iluustrated here. Once the unzipping has completed (probably about 10 seconds) you will see a message as below:

               completion of unzip

Click the OK button to see the options


Assuming that C-Law is installed on the computer you should click RUN UPDATE NOW. This will start the CD updater as though you had inserted the CD.

However as an alternative you can copy the update files to an external drive (either CD or USB) to run the update on another computer. You can do this anyway whether you choose to do it now as long as you remember the folder where the files have been stored as is shown on the screen.

If you choose to run the update now then you will effectively be running the C-Law update CD (just as though you had placed it in your CD drive)

The second stage - running the update software

NB  The instructions which follow apply equally well if we have sent you an update CD to run.

If you clicked to run the update you should very quickly see the same C-Law update screen that appears whenever you insert a C-Law update CD.

                                 Update CD screen:

Click on NEXT for the next screen

                                   second stage

The update date shown will of course vary according to circumstances. The above illustration is just an example.  Click on NEXT

                                 components found

This screen will vary according to circumstances and the tick boxes that appear will vary according to what is needing to be updated at any time.  

If in fact the software finds that nothing needs to be updated there will be no ticks present and you can heave a sigh of relief and exit!!!

Assuming there are tick boxes present you should click the PROCEED button.

The files needed to update your computer will be copied and messages showing progress displayed and then you should very quickly see a green message as below


This is a signal that the requested update has been completed successfully.

Click the EXIT button on the form on the screen and if you called the software from within C-law you should find that C-Law reloads or alternatively you will be back on your Windows desktop and can proceed from there as you wish.

Thats all there is to updating your C-Law software by download. It is new as of January 2009 but the hope is that it will make updating C-Law software easier for everyone.


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