C-Law Code Maintenance

NB:  This is a completely new feature for Cashier 10 - the 2010 version of C-Law 2000 series


C-Law has a code maintenance screen which allows you to add to or alter the internal codes used by your data - these are Work Category Codes,  Fee Earner Codes,  Indemnity Insurance codes, and Work Sources. In the case of category codes or fee earner codes which are only up to three characters long you can also add up to 40 characters of explanatory text (which appears in screen listings but not printouts) to assist in explaining the meaning of the three letter codes.

Moreover you can alter the order in which the codes appear in your screen listings. This enables you to put the most frequently used codes at the top of the listings so they can be quickly and easily selected. This also helps to avoid using inappropriate codes inadvertently.

You can get access to the code maintenance screen from the Cashier Settings menu  - choose "Code Maintenance" - as shown below


When you click on this menu item you get a screen (which is shown below) but without any codes showing and with the combo box at the top left completely blank.

The first thing you do is to click the down arrow on the combo box and select the codes you wish to work with.

In the example illustration shown below the list of Work Category codes has been selected


You will note that the three letter work category codes appear in the list along with additional 'help' text.

This help text is user editable and can be added or edited for any of the three letter codes in C-Law.  To add or edit the help text the first thing is to highlight the item in the list by left clicking the mouse on it. Then right click the mouse and a text box will appear in which  you can type to add or edit text. When happy press the Enter key or to abort the action press the Esc key.

When you exit from the Code Mantenance screen (or select a different list of codes) any changes you have made will be saved and applied to the listings on the C-Law screens.

If you want to alter the order of the codes in the list you need to highlight the code you wish to move by left clicking on it. Then click the UP or DOWN buttons to move it in the list. You can do this to all the codes in the list so you eventually end up with the codes in the order you desire.


This screen shows the standard indemnity fund codes (for insurance assessment purposes) with the order amended to put residential conveyancing (a high  risk category) at the top of the list

When you exit from the Code Maintenance Screen (or select a different code list)  you will be asked if you wish to save the changes.

If you want to add a new code then you can click the Add Code button and a text window will appear in which you can type the new code. Press the Enter key and the code will be added.

Note that a code cannot be added it is duplicates an existing code or if in the case of fee earner codes you have reached the maximum number of fee earners you are permitted by your licence, or in other cases 39.

If you wish to edit a code you can click the Edit Code button and you will be able to alter the code - as long as you don't duplicate another this will be substituted.

If you have made changes or added codes you will be asked if you want to save your changes when you exit from the Maintenance screen or select another code listing.

Legal Aid

If you use C-Law for legal aid work you can define which Work Categories you want the legal aid screens to appear on. The listing of category codes has additional check boxes against each item (see the category code listing illustrated above)  and you check these boxes by clicking on them to define them as legal aid work categories.


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