Report Designing

Adding, Designing, Storing and printing out reports


With C-Law 2000 series you can design your own printout layouts for reports. This functions from the accounts in the box on the main screen. This is so that you can get up a shortlist and then printout a report from it. Or if you do not have a shortlist but have a listing of all accounts you can print a listing of all accounts from it.

Note that you can also set up your own columns for the client matter list box on the main screen (select User Defined from the Display menu option) which uses much the same system as the report field designer described here for setting up the columns for your display.

The fields for the report are chosen by you and are not necessarily the same as the listing on screen - and you can have your listing sorted on a variety of numerical or alphabetical fields if you wish.

We are going to examine here setting up three reports. First a simple printout of all matters with balances. Second how to set up a Dated Debtors report. Third how to set up a listing sorted by matter category.

After doing these you should be able to design or adapt your own reports using the procedures set out below. Once stored you simply select the report you want and do not have to enter up all the details again. . However at present you MUST select the shortlist you require first - the program will be able to do this automatically soon - but not yet! However selecting your own short list gives you more flexibility.

(Note that you can add our own suggested reports from a suitable update diskette which you use or amend - see the last para.)

1. A simple balance listing of all accounts with account numbers etc.

From the main screen :-


A screen appears as below (only the top part of the actual screen is shown below)

You need to fill in the text box marked "New Layout Name" with the name of a report layout you wish to create and store.

In this example enter "BALANCES LISTING"

Then click the "ADD NEW LAYOUT" button which is underneath the text box.

Ass you click this your chosen name will be shifted into the list box on the right and the screen below will change - as set out below left -(without the top part)

You have two list boxes. In the left hand one is a list of the fields you may want in your report. On the right is a list of the selected fields and the order they will appear in and the length of the field. You can alter the length of fields manually once selected.

The total length of all selected fields must not exceed 132 columns. If it does you cannot store or use the report layout until you have amended it.

(NB: When using this field selection system for setting up a main screen listing you only have 75 columns or thereabouts available for the columns)


In this example we are going to select fields for a simple balance listing. Let us say we want to have the following fields:-

Name - Matter - A/C Number - Fee earner - Office Client+Deposit Time

In the left hand box highlight the item CLIENT NAME and click the ADD button. You will see it will be shown on the right hand side. Then select "MATTER" and click the ADD button. Then highlight A/C NUMBER and click the ADD button. Then select FEE EARNER and click the ADD button. Then highlight OFFICE BALANCE and click the ADD button. Then click on CLIENT BALANCE and click the add button. Then click on DEPOSIT BALANCE and click the add button. Then click on WIP and click the Add button. You should have a result which appears as shown here:-

Note that there is a red message "Layout fields are too long". This means you need to "prune" the length of fields. You cannot prune the amount fields (for obvious reasons!!) so you need to highlight "CLIENT NAME" in the right hand listing. Then click on the left arrow key under "FIELD LENGTH" and each time you click the length will reduce by 1. Carry on until it is showing a length of (say) 35. Then click on MATTER and reduce it until the total length shown below is 132. You will then see the red message has disappeared.

You can at this stage select a field you want the report to be sorted on. But you needn’t bother as the main listing is always alphabetically arranged and so if you don’t sort the list will be alphabetically sorted anyway. We will see this when we come to design the dated debtors report below.

For the moment we want to just save this report layout.- we are not going to use it. So go to the top of the screen and click the QUIT button. Nothing will appear to happen - you will go back to the main screen - but don’t worry - the details are stored.


2. Dated debtors

Now we will design and set up a dated debtors listing. So click on Click on the FILE menu and select CREATE REPORT OR PRINTED LIST and then USE YOUR DEFINED LAYOUT

The report selection screen appears (and this time you will see you BALANCES LISTING shown which you have just set up. If you wanted to delete it (you don’t do you?!) then highlight it and click REMOVE LAYOUT)

Enter in the text box "DATED DEBTORS LIST" and then click the button "ADD NEW LAYOUT"

Just as before you will see a blank list box on the right hand side at the bottom and a list of available fields at the bottom left hand side.

We are going to select the following fields for this report layout:-


Proceed as above - ie: highlight the field and then click ADD each time so it goes to the right. (By the way if you select an incorrect field you can highlight it on the right and click the REMOVE button)

You will end up with a listing as shown here:-

You need to click on matter and reduce it so that the overall length is less than 132 columns and the red warning disappears.

Now we can either sort on bill date or or amount. As it is a dated list we are going to sort on bill date. So highlight bill date in the right hand list and then click on SORT. A letter S will appear .

The listing is now set up so once more click on the QUIT button.

3. Setting up a listing sorted by work category.


Proceed as in the first example but add after fee earner a field for CATEGORY. Then adjust the length of the fields as above to be 132 or less. Then Click on CATEGORY in the right hand listing and click on SORT. Then click on QUIT to save.


Using your report layouts.


For the moment you MUST select the accounts that are going to figure in your report so they are listed in the main listing. For reports 1 and 3 you just use the listing as it is - ie: all current ledger accounts listed. The report will work on this quite properly. You just select the report is the list and click on Display Print using your layout. The report will be displayed and can be printed from the screen.

For the date debtors summary you MUST set up a shortlist first. Click on SHORTLIST and then select COSTS OUTSTANDING. Then put 30 days (say) and click OK. The shortlist will be produced. Then you can click on FILE and CREATE REPORT OR PRINTED LIST and then USE YOUR DEFINED LAYOUT and select DATED DEBTORS LIST and DISPLAY OR PRINTOUT.


(In the future we will be amending the program so that the shortlist choices are also saved along with the printout or display option for any layout - so the report will be automatic. For the moment you must select the shortlist appropriate yourself before printing your report.)



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