C-Law Data and Backup Storage Folders    

A. Background information

When you do a monthly report, the printout files are stored in a drive/folder that you specify. This is a separate folder from the normal data folder as the files would otherwise take up a lot of space in the data folder and backups would become too large for convenience.

In the past this folder was the same as the folder specified to store the non floppy backup files.

However it is becoming increasingly frequent for C-Law users to wish to use a non-floppy target for backup files. Floppy drives are ceasing to be supplied by default with current computers. Other devices for storage are often available such as portable hard drives and USB memory and writable CD's and network drives and Zip disks.  

C-Law can now allow you to specify multiple destinations for backup files including CD's or Zip disks or Memory sticks and provides a new setting to allow you to specify where to store monthly prints and other temporary data so that these are kept separate from the backups.

B.Setting up the monthly print storage folder

When you first start using C-Law then in order that you leave the existing backup drive setting clear for only backups you may wish to define a folder for the Monthly Stored Prints. You can if you wish select the same folder as for backups but it is better to define a separate folder.

To do this you have two points of access to the setup screen. You can go via the Settings option in the Cashier Menu. At the end or towards the end you should see the item "Monthly Print Storage Drive/Path". Click on this item and you will see the setup screen. The other point of entry to the setup screen is via the Monthly settings screen. Under the menu item 'Settings' there is a sub item "Folder to store monthly prints etc" and if you click this it will take you to the setup screen. A third way is to start a monthly routine and if you have not specified a folder it will suggest you set one up -click 'yes' and this will take you to the setup screen automatically.

You can set up the drive/folder to be the same as the backup drive/folder, and indeed until you set up a new drive/folder the backup drive/folder is used for monthly prints by default - but it is desirable to select another folder if only because otherwise each time you do a monthly routine the dialogue prompt  shown above will appear.

Once you have accessed the setup screen it will appear as shown below. If no drive/folder has been set up the text box will be blank.

You have two choices now. You can enter the drive and path required directly in the text box. eg: C:\C_LAW\REPORTS  

Or you click the BROWSE button and you will then have the ability to use the standard windows dialogue box system to browse to wherever you wish on your computer or a network computer etc.

When defining a removable drive you will net to have the drive in place and you will need to setup a folder within the removable drive. For example if the removable drive is drive J you would need to set up a root folder such as C-LawStuff or similar so that there is a folder on the drive for the files to be placed in.

If you used the browse you will now have the selected drive and path in the text box and can click OK. If the folder does not exist you will be asked if you wish to create it.

You should click YES and then the folder will be created and the setting will be recorded for future use.  It is shown for you near the bottom right of the monthly setting screen.

Setting the backup drive and the drive/folder

The procedure for doing this is described in the previous  Backup page in this manual

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