Changing Header details     

A. The client ledger header

The header in the computer data comprises what is shown on the screen as "details" and shows the account name and matter and any notes, the fee earner assigned, the work category, the source of the work, indemnity fund code etc. Also the "flag" status ie: whether the account is marked for closing, has a bill outstanding, etc.

In the above example from our demo data you can see in white 3D fields at the top of the screen the stored data that you can change. The yellow "Bill o/s" flag shown in the above picture can also be changed. But you cannot of course change the account balance fields or the time entry details.

However there is one important caveat to the above. You CANNOT CHANGE the account NAME if the change involves any alteration to the first three letters of the account name. This is because all accounts are filed alphabetically when the account is created and the account number reflects the position in the list. If you changed the first three letters of the name the account number would be invalid and the system would not be able to find the account.

If you need to record the name of a ledger account under a new name you will need to open a new ledger account and transfer the balances over.

Apart from this important factor you can click on the fields and overtype or select different settings as prompted and then when you click QUIT (or press Esc) you will be asked if you want to save the changes you have made. If you want to change the flags or add or delete flags there is a "flag" item on the menu bar and it may be easiest to select this and choose what you want to do from the prompted options.

B   The Nominal Ledger

The method is almost exactly similar. The nominal account entry screen has fields that can be changed. You can change everything in these including the name (but not the account number).

Note that if you change the nominal account name it will not be changed on entries already made using the previous name.

Note that if you change the nominal account name it will not be changed on entries already made using the previous name.

When your header has been changed you can click Quit (or press Esc) and you will asked if you wish to save the changes made.

You can if you wish delete nominal accounts totally by deleting the name field and leaving it blank and saving the change. As long as there are no entries on the nominal ledger the account will be closed and removed from the listing. If there are entries you will not be allowed to close the ledger account in this way. You will have to transfer the balance to another account (if any) and then after the next year end it will have no entries and can be deleted.

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