Making Entries - Batch Mode     

The reason for Batch Mode

When making entries on ledger accounts you may wish to make a run of entries of one type. For example if you do paying in to one of the firm's Bank Accounts you might wish to do all the entries on the paying in sheet in a batch so you can be sure that (a) the payment in total matches and (b) so that the payment in total will appear in the reconciliation sheets to be able to more readily reconcile with the Bank Statements.

C-Law permits you to set up a batch mode for either payments in or payments out on any of the firms bank sheets. Then when you make the entries they will be written up as a batch to the sheets and the reconciliation sheets with the total shown. You can also set up batch mode for doing transfers to or from client and office columns.

Setting up batch mode

To set up batch mode you need to click the Start Batch Mode button on the right hand side OR use the Cashier Menu to select this.

You will then see a new screen window with the controls for setting up batch mode.  Note that for confidentiality reasons the bank details have been airbrushed out in the example screen below. You will have your details present (if you have entered them up in the 'Journal Name/Activate' section of 'Settings') :-

You need to use the drop down control for "Journal/Entry Type" to select the desired bank or the transfer sheet to use for making the entries on.

Having done this you need to select whether the batch is for payments or receipts by clicking the mouse on the appropriate "button" below (not needed for Transfer Sheet entries).

You can then click the OK button.

You will see that on the main screen a flashing warning appears that batch mode is selected:

In this example the user has set up a batch mode to record payments on the first office bank sheets. You may also notice that the caption on the batch mode button has changed and now reads "End Batch Mode".  When you want to end batch mode you can click this button (or for keyboard users just press Esc and you will be asked if you wish to end the Batch Mode).

Using Batch Mode

You make entries as usual (see the previous page Making Entries). You will however be prompted to make the entry on the chosen Bank Sheet (or Transfer Sheet). As you make each entry it will not be written to the ledger or the bank sheet or transfer sheet.  The entries you make are stored in a temporary file as you accept each account entries for saving.

At any time you can inspect the entries you have made in the batch by clicking the 'End Batch Mode' button (don't worry this will not end the batch!) and the batch setup screen will show a list of the entries you have made in the batch and the total amount of the entries. If you don't wish to end the batch just click cancel.

When you are ready to end the batch you click the 'End Batch Mode' button and this time when you are on the Batch Mode Setup Screen click the "End Batch" button.

The entries in the temporary file (if any) will now be written to the sheets and to the ledgers and batch mode will be terminated.

If by some unwelcome chance your computer crashed in the middle of batch mode the batch entries you made still will be in the temporary file and will not have been saved. As a warning when you next start up C-Law you will be warned that there were unsaved batch entries and you will have to redo the batch.

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