Selecting the Account or Matter

Method of selecting accounts.

A. Client Ledger Accounts

On the main screen there is a list of all your Client Ledger matters. You can scroll this up and down to find the account you want and then highlight it with the mouse and click on the OK button - or just double click on the matter in the listing.

However this is a bit laborious. An easier way is to feed in the first letters of the name (or the account number) into the text box on the main screen marked "Enter to Find"

This is interactive and as you enter in this text box the list focus moves to try to locate the name you are entering. This is an easy way to get at the account you want - and is easy for those who want to use the keyboard only method for making entries.

Note that you can put in here either the account name (or first part of the name) of the C-Law Account number.

Finding accounts by data in the matter field

You can select on content in the 'matter' field by prefixing the content you want to search for in the box with a question mark

Finding accounts by data in the notes field

You can select on content in the 'notes' field by prefixing the content you want to search for in the box with a forward slash character

Using your own account numbering

Sometimes you might want to store and find accounts by using your own codes. You can put these at the start of the matter field when opening accounts. The key here is to design a coding system which uses characters or numbers which are totally discrete and cannot be confused with other characters or numbers in the matter field.

If you want to select on your own file numbers this is perfectly possible if you put them in the matter content but it is suggested you prefix them with a non standard A-Z character so that the search engine will not confuse genuine matter content with your file numbers. Eg: 123A could be the same as 123A Avenue Road. But #123A wouldn’t be and would be specific.

When you want to find the account by your code in the matter field you just prefix the code in the text box with a question mark  ?

OR you could if you wished keep the notes field in the header of the account matters for your own office codes. Then you can set up your own display listing to incorporate the first characters of the notes field - and to select matters from the listing by your office codes you can prefix your text input with the forward slash character.

Another way of finding matters

Click the button "Find Account" at the bottom left.

This will give you a window in which you can enter the a/c number , matter content, or notes content you want to look for.

The ledger will be searched and any sheet which complies with the criteria entered will be displayed - if there is more than one a shortlist will be displayed for you to select from. NB You will know it is a shortlist as the border changes from blue to red.

Simple Selection Screen for speed and simplicity for keystroke users

This is a very simple nearly blank screen for minimal distraction with just an entry box for putting in the required account number or name. It will be a screen that is instantly familiar to users of our previous DOS systems.

Entering an account name or account number and pressing the Enter key produces a screen with the details screen showing the chosen account name and matter for confirmation.

This is a special version of the screen with key press options.  To make an entry press Enter or, as with C-Law for DOS, press the Space Bar.This will call up the accounting entry screen for the chosen account so that the required entry can be made on it. The software then reverts back to the account selection screen for another account to be chosen.

If the account has been selected by name all accounts with matching names can be seen one after another by pressing the < or > keys.

Or alternatively pressing SHIFT shows the account entries, or pressing P prints the account or pressing T will call up the time entry screen on appropriate systems.

This to a large extent mimics our previous DOS system which mainly operated on key strokes only, and this system has been designed for maximum speed of operation for cashiers and other regular users who prefer to use keystrokes.

The C-Law 2005 main screen can be returned to at any time and all the functions of the former screen are preserved.

The "simple" selection screen has access to the cashier drop down menu and also to the "tool buttons" for selecting cashier functions quickly - like the reconciliation sheets or VAT report or backups or bank sheets etc.

Pressing Esc takes the user back to the usual main screen whenever desired.

The "Option" menu item on the main screen allows the new simple screen to be selected but it is easier and quicker for experienced users to simply hold down the Ctrl key and press S. This instantly takes them to the new simple selection screen.

See more details in the "keyboard" page of this manual.

B:  Nominal Ledger Accounts

You use the selection box just as above (either on the main screen or the "simple" selection screen) and enter a hyphen. This tells the software you are looking for a nominal ledger account and the nominal account selection screen will appear.

Then you enter the name or number of the nominal account - or select it from the listing - and press Enter or click OK.

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