The main screen listing

The main screen is your "master control centre" and most importantly contains a listing from which you can select the client ledger account or matter you require. There are three ledgers you can choose from - the Current Ledger, the Archive Ledger, or the Nominal Ledger. (The nominal ledger is displayed on a separate listing screen and does not appear on the main screen itself).

The client ledger listing of current matters can be set to display all current matters or only those which have not been marked for archiving. There is a check box on the Ledger type display box you can check or not to select this. If you do you will be asked to say whether this is your default - ie: do you want this to always be the way it displays until you reset it.

Display Mode setting

The display mode determines the appearance of the listing and what is shown. The current display mode is shown at the top of the main screen.

Display modes are selected from the display drop down menu choice

In this example the user has chosen to display the name and then the c-law account number and the matter.  But he/she could have chosen to have the balances on the ledgers listed or the last bill date. Or just the account name and matter.

It ghoes without saying that the selection can be altered whenever required - but you can set up C-Law to default to your choice on startup by clicking on the File Menu and then selecting Save Settings when your chosen settings are present on the main screen.

Set up your own tailor made listings for the main screen

If none of the four choices on the display menu suit you  - ie: you want other information to be displayed in the main listing - for a particular type of entry run for example -  then you can go to "User defined displays" when you can set up one or more of your own type of listings to use on the main screen. For example you might want a listing that shows part of the notes field on the accounts (you can select accounts on criteria in this field by prefixing with /) or you might want to list the source of the work etc.

Quick display settings

At the left hand side of the main screen you have some buttons you can click on to select the display - and you can reset at any time to the main default one by clicking the reset button.

Fee earner and category limitations

You can if you wish limit the matters in the main listing to those for a particular category of work and/or fee earner. There are drop down listings above the main list which you can set to a particular choice if required.


You can create a shortlist for the main listing if so desired for a particular purpose.

To do this you select shortlist from the main drop down menu selection and you will see a listing like this

You can select any of the choices from this and you may need to set up other criteria from the windows that will be shown to you to define the shortlist. For example if you want to select by balance criteria you will need to enter this. Or if by dates then it goes without saying that you will need to enter the dates in question!

To assist you the shortlist selected at any time is displayed at the head of the screen in the "Shortlist Selection" box

and the criteria selected will appear in the "What to search for" box.

NB: You will always know that you have a shortlist selected as the line around the main listing will be red rather than blue 

Mode on Selection setting

When making a run of entries you may wish to consider setting the "Mode on Selection" buttons on the main screen to "Account Entry"


You need not do this but if you do it ensures that if you are doing a run of entries the account entry screen will appear immediately you have selected the client matter and saves time as you do not have to click the "Make Entry" button every time the details appear. But if you prefer you can leave the selection on "Display details" and go via the details screen every time to make entries. The advantage is you can more easily set flags and see the flags in this way.

(The Time entry option only appears on C-Law software licensed for recording time.)

NB:  C-Law Cashier versions from 2005 and later have an additional mode "Print entries" (not shown in the picture above).  Setting this mode means that when you select any client ledger account you will immediately get the print dialog box and can click ok to printout the ledger on your printer without first having to call up the display details screen and then select inspect and then click print on the file menu. This enables printouts to be obtained quickly when needed.

If you use the new "simple selection screen" (for users who like to use keypresses) (see keyboard operation page) then you get a similar option by simply pressing P when on the details screen. You do not need to inspect the entries.

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