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This page is "work in progress" and not yet complete

A sorted guide to C-Law software topics

C-Law has over the past 25 years of use in legal offices been slowly improved and has become extremely comprehensive and can do all sorts of things to help you. The problem for many of us (and we admit to this ourselves!) is knowing exactly what it can do, and more to the point, where in the software to find something (and then how to get it to do it)! 

This is page contains the start of a new alphabetical guide to 'what is where' in C-Law 2000 series software and will eventually have clickable links to other pages and/or to pages in the manual..  

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This guide is new to the C-Law manual. It is very much "work in progress". It is far from comprehensive; but we have had to start somewhere!  At the moment the index leads to a list of headlines for the topics - some (sorry - at the moment nearly all) of the headlines are currently just that at present - they lead you precisely nowhere!

This is however only the start of this guide which will it is hoped be improved and added to in future updates. We have included it here before it is finished because it seems to us that even the mere existence of a topic in itself (and the headline notes)  may be valuable as an "aide memoire" and an indication as to what is available in C-Law software.

If you have any comments or a topic that you think ought to be included here or in the software then we would welcome your suggestions.  Send an email to    C-Law has grown to be what it is by listening to what people say.


Alphabetical index to topics

Click on any topic to go to the topic listing to see headline notes and further details when available

Account numbers in Client ledger
Activity log
Anticipated disbursements
Appearance of main screen
Apportionment calculator
Archiving accounts
Archive Ledger
Associated Accounts
Backing up current data
Backing up monthly reports
Banning specific sheets when making client ledger entries
Bank and Cash and VAT sheets
Bank sheets balances summary
Batch Mode
Charts of trends (bills / new matters)
Colours - window background and fonts
Colour coded ledger entries
Contacting C-law
Copying C-Law data to another location at closedown
Creating a new client matter
Creating a new nominal ledger account
Credit Limit on client disbursements/w.i.p.
Current ledger
Daily tips
Data checks
Data Path
Date of Operation
Date format
Debit on Client column
Deleting accounts
Deleting entries
Deposit Interest
Entries on ledgers
Fee earner listing
Financial year start
Flags on client ledger matters
Font type and size
Illegal balances
Index file refresh
Internet connection and software updates
Keyboard use
Keystrokes to 'drive' C-Law
Last entry date
Logging on as cashier
Logging off as cashier
Matter listing on main screen
Matter reports
Mode on Selection (option box on main screen)                                
Month of Operation
Nominal Ledger
Periodic routines
Printers and printing
Profit and Loss and Balance sheet
Reconciling and reconciliation statements
Reports available in C-Law
Saving main screen appearance and setup
Saving and recalling frequently used account names
Saving and recalling frequently used entries
Saving and recalling frequently used entry details
Searching for matters in the ledger
Searching ledger accounts on entry content or date
Shortlists of ledger accounts
Simple main screen
Summary of bills delivered and new matters opened
Tailoring layout of main screen
Today's entries log
Trial balance
Updating C-Law software
Using C-Law with data on a USB stick (eg: at home)
VAT entries
VAT modes
VAT payment reminder
VAT report
Vertical column lines
Wizards to help with entries
Work Category codes
Year of Operation

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Topic details and references to information

Account numbers

         How are they generated in client ledger
         Limits and how to get around them
         How to use other numbering systems (and how to quickly find matters using them)

Activity log

         What is it
          How to find it and view it

Anticipated Disbursements

           What are they
            How to create entries to record them
            How to remove the entries when paid

Appearance of main screen

         Tailoring the layout of main screen controls

Apportionment Calculator

         What is this 
          How to find it and use it and print an apportionment statement

Archiving accounts

          Stages of archiving
          Effect of archiving
          Flags on account headers

Archive Ledger

           What is it
           Why archive matters?
           How to remove archived matters from the data

Associated accounts

            What are they
             How to associate one account  with another
             The associated account summary box
             Moving through associated accounts

Backing up and restoring data

           Types of backup
            Backup media
            Method - how to backup
            How to verify
            How to encrypt
            How to restore
            How to view backup data without restoring

Backing up monthly reports


Banning specific sheets from ledgers when making ledger entries


             page in manual

Bank and 'cash' and VAT sheets

         The other side of the 'double entry'
          Viewing displays
          Tailoring displays
          Drilling down

Bank sheet balance summary

           The tool button to select
           Tailoring the display

Batch Mode

            What is it
             Types of batch entry
             Global transfers aid reconciling
             How to activate and use


           Trends of bills and new matters
           Types of graph available and pie charts
           How to select and view           

Colours - Background

         Dialogue boxes and windows
         Display screens (eg: ledger displays, bank sheets, etc..etc)
         Ledger entry screen listings

Colour coded ledger and bank sheet entries


Contacting C-Law

             Phone and mobile

Copying C-Law data to a server or another drive or network place at closedown

           Purpose of this copy
           How to activate it and set up the destination

Client Matter Listing

         How can the layout of contents in the list be changed
         Setting up your own tailored layouts for different tasks
         Creating a sorted listing
         Changing the font for the layout
         Limiting the list to a work category or fee earner
         Limiting (shortlisting) on particular criteria
         Hiding closed matters from the list          

Cost control management  variance reports and budgets

          How to set up costs centres for the spreadsheets
          How to enter a budget
          How to view actual expenditure
          How to view variance report

Creating a new client matter

           Names and details
           Essential details
           Optional details and reason for entering

Creating a new nominal ledger account

           The various types of account

Credit limit on client disbursements / w.i.p

            Theory - password needed to override
            Can be Global (over all clients) or individual to one client matter
            Entering credit limits
            Client disbursements  - and/or  
            Client time (W.I.P) (time recording enabled systems)
            Creating / printing shortlist of matters nearing or over credit limit

Current Ledger

             The main client ledger with current matters ie: not transferred to the archive ledger

Daily tips

    What are they
     How to use them

Data checking

      What is this
       Where can it be activated?

Data Path setup

        What is this?
         How can it be set up and when should it be changed?


        Full stops rather than obliques
        Regional settings in Windows
        Range of dates available in C-Law

Date of operation

      What is it
       How is it used

Debit on client account

        Warning given and password needed
         SRA requirements
         'Illegal account'  shortlist

Deleting accounts

          Why delete accounts?
         Only from archive ledger
          How can deleted accounts be accessed after deletion?

Deleting entries

         In general not possible after confirmation
         Contra entry needed - note the need for word CONTRA for costs or VAT entries           

Deposit Interest

       How to save deposit rates for calculations
       Required deposit interest parameters
       What are interest bearing accounts?

       How to check for interest bearing accounts

                         All ledger shortlist
                         Individual client ledger account

        Notional deposit accounts - what and why

Entries on ledgers

        Contents of entries
        How to make
        How to contra

Fee Earner Listing         

        How to shortlist just one fee earner's matters
        Effect of shortlisting fee earner matters

Financial Year start

       What is it?
       Where can it be set up?
        How can it be changed

Flags on client ledger matters

         Where are the flags and how they can be viewed
          How are they created
          What they do
          How are they changed or deleted
          Shortlisting matters with certain flags


        What fonts can be used
         Adjust for main screen listing
         Adjust font size and type in display screens

Frequently used entries

            What can be saved
             How to save and recall

Frequently used entry details

              What can be saved
               How to save and recall

Illegal balances

    What are they
     Showing a summary at logon

Index file refresh

      What is the index file?
       Why refresh it?
       How to

Internet access and updating C-Law

       Internet access settings
       'popup' messages from C-Law via the internet
       Checking for updates - auto or manual
       Updating C-Law by downloading the update CD over the internet

        page in manual

Keyboard Use
        Using the keyboard for everything
        Entry screen for keyboard use


        Why keystrokes rather than the mouse?
        What keystrokes can be used?

Last entry date

       What is it and what is it for?       
        Can it be changed?

Logging on as cashier

         How to
         What happens at log on

Logging off

         Purpose and what happens at log off
         Logging off without closing down
Matter listing on main screen

          See Client matter listing

Mode on selection option box

         The options
         Effect of the options
         Use of the options

Month of Operation

         What is this?
          Are monthly routines essential to change this?
          How can it be changed manually?

Nominal Ledger

            What is it?
            How to select it
            How to select it in OT (transfer or 'journal') entries
            How to use it
            The fixed non alterable accounts

            The authorised user pass
             The main password
             The password to download update software

Periodic Routines

             Monthly and yearly routines
                 Storing report
                 Recalling report

Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet

             Types of nominal ledger account
              How generated
              How to adjust contents

Printers and printing

              What printers can be used with C-Law
               How to select printers
               How to adjust the layout of C-Law prints
               Avoiding runovers and blank sheets
               Vertical column lines on prints
                Click here   

Reconciling and statements

               Outline of this separate system
               Creating statements
               Types of statement
               Clearing off entries marked as reconciled


      Where and how to enter reminder dates on ledger accounts
       Outstanding reminders summary prompted at logon
       Searching for outstanding reminders

Reports available in C-Law

               Matter reports
               Average case costs
               Indemnity codes analysis
               Analysis of bills or new matters 
               Costs control management
               Lists (sorted if required) based on your own criteria
               Monthly prints

Saving main screen settings and appearance

         What can be saved?
          How to

Saving frequently used account names

            How to save and recall

Searching for client ledger names account numbers or matters in the listing

            Account Number
            Matter field content and your own file or matter numbering
            Notes field content

Searching for matters based on the date and/or content of entries made

            The client ledger or the nominal ledger - separate searches
             Date or date range and/or words in the details of entries and/or the journal code and/or the value
             Viewing a shortlist based on criteria

Shortlists of ledger accounts

             The client ledger
                       How to         
                       Cancelling a shortlist  

             The Nominal ledger
                       How to

Simple main screen

         What is is for
          How to activate it

Summary of bills delivered and new accounts opened

          What is this?
           How can the data be accessed and displayed?
           Setting for how long summary data is retained

Tailoring layout of main screen

           How to
           Saving the results

Todays entries log

           How to inspect
           Printing summaries

Trial balance

           How to generate
           Tailoring the display

Updating C-Law

            Entitlement to receive updates
            How to update the software

Using a USB memory stick at home to work on C-Law

            The purpose of this option
            The drawbacks
            The limitations of USB sticks with frequent use
             How to activate this

VAT modes and settings

        Bills delivered
        Creating the return date

VAT entries

      How to make
      How to cancel by contra

VAT payment reminder

    Setting reminder for return due     
    Prompt for VAT return due on log on

VAT report

      How to use
       Interim and final reports
       Sending in report

Vertical column lines

      Screen displays - adding and removing
      Printouts - adding and removing

Wizards to assist with composing entries

      What entries can be composed
       How to use

Work Category Codes

       Number of codes
       How to add codes
       How to setup a fresh code list (and update all the data)

Year of Operation

           Financial year start date defines the year start
           Incrementing account numbering system as year end  
           Account numbering

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