C-Law Cashier / 2000 series software

Instruction Manual

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C-Law - general description
Computer Hardware Requirements
Installing C-Law - some basic details
Setting up C-Law to work with your printer
Putting an Icon on your desktop
Keyboard operation and keystrokes (new in C-Law 2005)
Starting to Use C-Law
Opening a new client ledger matter
Bringing forward balances
Opening a Nominal Ledger account
The main screen listing
Selecting a Ledger account
Making ledger entries
Batch Entries (Setting up and Making)
Storing entry templates or text
Changing Header details (inc flags)
Backups (Making Viewing and Restoring) and Data Checks
Defining monthly print storage folder
The VAT system
Reconciliation system
Deposit Interest calculations
Apportionment calculator
Stamp Duty Land Tax NPV on rental calculator
Designing Report layouts
Costs control management
Various listings/reports available
Monthly and Yearly routines
Matter Reports
Data Code Maintenance (adding or ordering listings)
Archiving and Removing entries
Cash accounting for VAT
Making time entries
Internet updates and messages
Graphs and charts of work trends
Updating C-Law licence /changing embedded firm name
Changes and updates - a summary
Alphabetical list of topics

NB: In this screen manual we have tried to help you by showing illustrations of various screens, or the salient parts
of screens. You need to be aware that some of the screens may have changed slightly as we improve the software.
Some of the original illustrations are of C-Law on Windows 98 but an increasing number of illustrations are  
taken from C-Law running on Windows XP professional.

This manual is (c) C-Law Solicitors Systems 2000-2010