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C-Law Inspector is 'add on' software 

C-Law Software is currently in version 2011 and this is our mainstream software which allows the firms cashier (or as required) to enter up the required bookeeping entries to ensure compliance with the rules. (Click this link to see more details). The data that is created by this software is often stored on a network server (where it can be backed up), but if not C-Law software can be set up to automatically transfer a copy of the data to the file server on a daily basis. Once on the server it is available for others in the firm to access for viewing and printing.

The software that allows remote viewing or printing is C-Law Inspector.  This is software that works with and alongside the main C-Law software but is quite separate and does not interfere with the cashier nor is it capable of affecting the data. It does not need the cashier to be 'on line'.

Inspector is designed to be very simple to use and allows fee earners and others to keep track of the state of their matters from their desks. It can if desired be tailored so it starts up displaying a list of all a particular fee earner's matters so it is easy for that fee earner to select any particular matter of theirs that they want to inspect and then to view the entries and if desired print them out.

Inspector is provided on an installation CD and the only essential setting up needed to get it working after installation is to 'tell' the software where the C-Law data can be found on the network. This can be done very simply with a "browse" facility which allows the data folder to be readily located. Once this is set up the screen should instantly display a listing of all current matters in the data ready for them to be inspected.

Essential details about each matter can be inspected and if there are entries these can be displayed in either full screen or windowed mode. Any such ledger display can if desired be printed locally.

If the firm is using time recording then the information screen for each matter shows the cost of work in progress to date. If desired full details of time recorded (and billed or not)  is available with another click.

We also provide software to enable fee earners or assistants to record time spent locally. This includes multi work timers (one per each activated matter) which record the time spent even when 'dodging' between matters as most fee earners need to do. It is then simple and quick to enter up the time spent. This is our C-Law Executive software.

The price of a permanent licence to use Inspector software is currently £240.00 plus VAT for each computer on which it is installed.  

The following links may be helpful. The Inspector software manual shows some screen pictures and brief operating instructions.

C-Law Inspector 2011 screenshots

C-Law Inspector 2011 software manual

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