C-Law Inspector



C-Law Inspector is our 'inspection only' software and is currently supplied in version 2011 which runs on most versions of Windows including XP, Vista and Windows7  

It is supplied for use with our main C-Law software and allows personel in an office environment with networked computers to use their own computers to inspect the main book-keeping data (including time entries if the firm keeps these).  


As with our main C-Law software, Inspector is designed so as to be extremely easy to use. Matters can be quickly selected from individual or global listings  Ledgers can be displayed with colour coded entries. Ledgers can then be printed locally if required. The software does not interfere with the main cashier software and is independent of same.

Some sample screen views of Inspector software in use  - here seen running in Windows XP type windows.   

One of the main screens with a sample simple listing of clients and matters. This can be refined to show balances and bills if so required.

    Alphabet keys for help in quickly finding a matter
    A search box in which either a name of a client or a matter or an account number can be typed to select a matter
    The listing can be used as a selectable drop down listbox when the up and down keys or the mouse allow a matter to be chosen
    Category and  Fee earner drop down selectors enable the listing to be narrowed down for individual fee earners or work categories


A summary of a matter as chosen from the main listing.

This shows the important information relating to the chosen matter
It allows inspection of the accounts or the time ledger by one click of the mouse.



A sample of an accounting ledger.

Note entries here displayed in three column mode but buttons allow other modes to be chosen including a one column mode for eg: completion statements


A sample of a simple time ledger display

Computer Hardware.

The computer should be running Windows and almost any modern computer will suffice. It doesn't have to be a fast machine.

The hard disk space is minimal by modern standards as the data is held on and recovered from an office server or network attached storage drive.

HOWEVER you MUST have a good quality screen. Nowadays that means usually a 17" or 19" display running in not less than 1024 by 768 mode. 

A modern flat panel LCD display screen of 17" size (or larger) running at not less than 1440 by 900 mode is highly desirable as it allows 'wide' views.


Most printers will work as C-Law uses the Windows printer object which sends a page output to the printer. The drivers loaded into Windows are supposed to take care of the differing standards of printers and thus if a printer is properly installed with its correct drivers in Windows it should work with C-Law Inspector

Note that C-Law Inspector may sometimes need setting up for the printer even so - this is to ensure that the non proportional fixed font used by C-Law to ensure columns of figures line up will fit properly on the printed page. C-Law Inspector contains a system for checking this and setting it up.

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