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'C-law' is a fully featured legal accounting and time recording solution for legal offices designed and supported by a Solicitor. It has been in daily use in a number of legal practices for over 25 years in its various forms. It is updated and improved on a regular continuing basis.  Wherever possible the wishes of its users is incorporated. 

C-law software is currently in a version for 2011 (last updated in June 2011). The software is not widely or extensively advertised and is usually installed following a personal recommendation from one or other of our satisfied users. It was originally designed by a lawyer so as to be capable of operation by a 65 year old non computer literate legal cashier. It is particularly easy and intuitive to use. Users very rarely find they need any significant support from us after initial installation of the software.

The software runs on most versions of Windows including XP  Vista and Windows 7. It is designed to be used on a standalone basis but can also be used on an office network with networked inspection screens for individual fee earners. Although designed with time recording included, it can readily be used for accounts only.

A brief history of C-Law software 

The software was designed in its original form in the 1980's by a  Solicitor in private practice. 

Wherever possible the lawyer who writes the software avoids the use of computer jargon and 'speaks' to users in a language that he believes he, and they, will understand.  The designer is after all a Solicitor and not an IT expert. He actively dislikes jargon whether of a legal or a computer kind!  

The lawyer-designer decided in the mid 1980's that computers in offices were the thing of the future. He bought a Commodore business computer or "PET" as it was called, and learned to program it in what little spare time he could find from his legal work. There were few software packages for lawyers available then. 

In the office there was a 65 year old book keeper who used the Oyez carbon copy system. He was wanting to reduce his hours. A computer solution seemed worth investigating. Howver he was unimpressed by the legal software that he looked at. It all seemed to use a language he didn't understand and did not seem to work in the way his mind worked.

The lawyer spent his Christmas holiday designing a software package suitable for the office to use. He then wrote and tested the software over the next 6 months.  The book keeper in the office took to the software like a duuck to water and vowed after a fortnight that he never wanted to go back to his manual system!

It featured in an article written by the Solicitor which appeared in 'The Law Society's Gazette' following which the software was enthusiastically taken up by a variety of small to medium sized practices looking for an economically viable computer solution to their bookeeping needs. 

C-Law then ran on the Commodore PET business computer.  However in the late 1980's Sir Alan Sugar produced his "Amstrad"  computer which was compatible with the IBM personal computer (PC) . The latter was then considerably used in business but was too expensive for the average small office to consider. The Amstrad changed all that.

C-Law was re-coded for MS-DOS so it would run on the Amstrad. It had been originally designed to produce very compact data as it needed to store all the office accounts data on a single 360k floppy disk. Indeed the Commodore PET and the basic Amstrad did not come with a hard disk!  

As we all know PC's have since been vastly updated and improved and the PC has become established as the standard computer for many business users worldwide. Microsoft created Windows to run on it. C-law software was then further updated afor running under "Windows" and was released for "Windows 98" and "Windows XP" as a fully tested and tried stable Windows version for the year 2000. 

Although C-Law was exhibited at the Barbican Exhibition for a number of years we made a decision that we preferred to keep it 'low key' and to supply our software by personal recommendation. This means we avoid advertising and staff costs and are able to pass on the savings thus made to legal practices by supplying them with software at a cost far below what it would otherwise be necessary to charge for commercially built and advertised legal software with equivalent facilities.

"A simple to use and effective solution" was said by an officer of the Law Society Monitoring Unit to one of our users on an inspection visit. We got into minor trouble over our subsequent reporting of this, and have had to undertake to make clear, which we now do,  that this was a personal opinion expressed by the officer in question and was not an official endorsement!

C-law users are loyal and  full of praise and and cannot speak too highly about their C-Law software.

C-Law 2011 software.

C-Law is currently in version 2011. It is for a single cashier user to input data with multiple inspection terminals, if so desired, on networked computers for fee earners and others to be able to inspect and print the client ledger information for themselves. It runs under modern versions of Microsoft Windows. There is currently no version for the Macintosh. As from August 2011 it has been written to run on Windows Vista or Windows 7 either by an Admin or an Ordinary user, without elevated administrator privileges needing to be applied.

It is available with or without time recording. 

Expected in September 2011 is a new Professional Indemnity module which will produce analyses and graphs of work designed to comply with the current rather exacting information requirements of professional indemnity insurers. Analyses which would otherwise require a lot of manual effort and time to produce..

If used with time recording we can provide C-Law Executive which is designed for fee earners to use and has multiple work timers that start and stop automatically to allow time spent on matters by the fee earner to be accurately assessed and simply recorded. This ensures that time information is always up to date and avoids the main cashier from having to spend time on this task. It optionally permits (if so desired) for fee earners or their assistants to create new matters on the system when needed.

Whether time recording is used or not we can provide Inspector software which allows remote inspection and printing of the client ledger data so that fee earners and others can access the data without bothering the cashier - or for when the cashier is not present for any reason..

The following links can be clicked to see more detail:-

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C-Law 2011 software manual (includes many screen shots)
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C-Law Inspector 2011 software
C-Law Inspector 2011 manual

C-Law Executive 2011 software is for fee earners to easily time their work and to record time spent (details and manual will shortly be available here)

Updating existing C-Law software

If you have come to this site because you are wanting to update your C-Law software via the internet please note that this is now usually done from within C-Law 2000 series software which connects directly over the internet and downloads the necessary files. Updates are no longer available from this webpage.

If you are an existing user and have older C-Law 2000 series software which does not incorporate internet updating, or your C-Law computer cannot connect to the internet, we will gladly supply you with an update CD on request. This is free of charge as long as you are making payments for support to us, or for a fee if not.

Some existing users comments:

Easy to use and understand.... Does all we want....
The historical graphs showing new matters and billed costs along with pie charts are most helpful to practice management and planning...
I like the fact that the designer is also a Solicitor and therefore can readily understand what I want....
We appreciate that you have been able to add features for us when we expressed a need and that we can update the software over the internet...

For further information or assistance please contact:

Geoff Rossetti at C-Law Solicitors Systems  Tacketwood Cottage  Kingsbridge  Devon TQ7 3AY
Tel : 01548 857775  Fax  0871 4335927  Email  c-law@btconnect.com   mobile 07974 802987